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ATTENTION Summit, NJ Residents: Diet, Exercise, or Both?

Most adults decide at some point in their life (or are told by a physician) that it is time to lose weight. This weight loss varies from dropping a few “vanity” pounds to drastically changing one’s physique. One of the most frequent questions we receive is, “What is more effective for weight loss: changing my diet or exercising regularly?”

When it comes to the diet versus exercise debate, diet will always trump exercise. Simply put, someone who does not exercise and adjusts their caloric intake will lose weight. The simple fact is that diets result in weight loss.

The Diet Solution?: Diets get a bad rap because of the fad diets that have become so popular in recent years (Atkins, Low Carb, Grapefruit Diet, etc.). These diet plans tend to work on a very short term basis. There are two reasons for this: Number one, many times there are adverse health effects if these diets are followed for an extended period of time. Number two, most people do not have the self-discipline to follow a diet regiment that requires them to eat things they find distasteful or deny themselves foods they enjoy on a long term basis. Furthermore, diet alone does nothing to sculpt muscles or provide the lean, toned physique most people desire.

The Balanced Approach: In our experience, a combination of regular cardiovascular exercise and resistance training along with a balanced nutritional plan works well for most people. A proper exercise program revs up metabolism, strengthens, tones and burns fat. When consistent physical training is combined with a sensible, nutritious diet amazing results can occur.

The Exercise Solution?: Although exercise has many well-documented health benefits, some individuals that exercise do not lose weight or struggle to lose any significant body fat. This is because many people fail to participate in a well-structured exercise program that includes both cardiovascular and resistance training at a high enough intensity to get results. Furthermore, many people exercise and then use that as license to eat a poor diet.

We encourage individuals to find a workout program they find both stimulating and challenging. This physical training should be combined with what we call the 70/30 nutritional plan. This plan means that 70% of your meals are healthy and nourishing and 30% are things that you will enjoy in moderation, but provide little benefit to your health. Most people find this ratio very achievable with a little self-discipline.

This article was written by Rich Brugger. He holds a Strength Conditioning and Weight Training Certification from ISMA and is Black Belt Master Instructor. He co-owns and operates Martial Arts for Life in New Providence, NJ with his wife Michelle (a certified personal fitness trainer, a certified nutritional consultant and Black Belt Instructor).

 Martial Arts for Life has been proudly serving Summit NJ and all surrounding areas since 2005! If you are looking for martial arts training in the Summit, New Jerswy area, contact us at (908) 464 - 2836 or visit our website: Martial Arts Training Near Summit NJ

ATTENTION Summit, NJ Residents: Keep Your Home Safe This Summer

As Memorial Day and the beginning of summer rapidly approaches, families will soon be heading out of town for everything from weekend beach getaways to longer term summer travels.

According to FBI data, the number of home break-ins and burglaries increase significantly during the summer months. Victims of home burglaries lose an average of $1,700 in cash or possessions.

Now is the perfect time to review some safety tips to keep your family’s home safe while you are enjoying a little rest and relaxation. Although there is no such thing as a burglar-proof home, there are steps that can be taken to deter burglars from choosing your home and focusing on an easier target.

Tip #1: Don’t announce vacation plans on social media pages.

Avoid posting anything on Facebook or other social media about leaving town or going on vacation. Although this seems obvious, sometimes folks are so excited about an upcoming trip they fail to consider the potential security consequences of making such plans public.

Tip #2: Don’t allow your house to appear vacant.

Don’t let newspapers pile up, your yard to go un-mowed, or mail and advertisements to go uncollected. These are all signs that no one is home. Have a friend or trusted neighbor tend to your mail and keep an eye on your yard while you are away.

Tip #3: Light up your property at night and use timers indoors.

Studies show that an illuminated property is less likely to be burglarized. Indoors it's best to have two or three rooms equipped so the lights go on and off at random times. It is also a good idea to leave a light in the kitchen on all the time, as the kitchen is one room that tends to have lights on most frequently.

Tip #4: Consider hiring a house sitter.

The best way to make sure your home is safe while you are away is to have someone you trust living in it. If you don’t have a conscientious relative or friend that is available, you can hire a house-sitting service. Although this can be a somewhat pricey option, it assures that all your bases are covered.

Tip #5: Make sure EVERYTHING is locked up.

Check that all doors and windows are secure and locked. It may seem obvious, but often in a rush to leave, this can be overlooked. More than 40 percent of residential burglaries are not forced entries. This means that a burglar was able to enter through a door or window that was left unlocked. If you have a security system, make certain that it is set and all zones are armed. Many systems now offer enhanced security modes for when you are away. Don’t forget to notify your alarm monitoring company (and the police) that you will be away.

Tip #6: Remove your spare key.

If a burglar figures out you're away on vacation, it's likely that they will check your porch for a spare key. So, if you keep a spare key under the mat, above the door frame, or in the flower pot – remove it!

Tip #7: Make a home security checklist.

In order to be certain you have not forgotten to complete any of these steps it is best to make a check-list of things to do before you walk out the door. It takes five minutes or less and will help ensure you do not skip any important steps in securing your home. Making a list may also help remind you of important non-security related tasks such as leaving food for the cat or watering the houseplants.

Martial Arts for Life has been proudly serving Summit NJ and all surrounding areas since 2005! If you are looking for martial arts training in the Summit, New Jerswy area, contact us at (908) 464 - 2836 or visit our website: Martial Arts Training Near Summit NJ

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Family Safety: Carjacking & Vehicle Safety

Thousands of unsuspecting motorists are car jacked each year. Carjacking is a violent form of motor vehicle theft. It is a serious threat to one’s personal safety because the perpetrator uses force to steal the vehicle. Sometimes the vehicle occupants are kidnapped during a carjacking. The worst case scenario occurs when victims are transported to a secondary crime scene, which is usually more dangerous than the original confrontation.

Many people mistakenly assume that carjacking crimes occur only in blighted areas. Carjackings can and do occur in all types of communities of varying socio-economic status. On July 19th, a couple was carjacked at gunpoint on Watchung Avenue in Chatham. And in May, The Cranford Patch reported on a carjacking that took place on Raritan Road in Cranford where the victim was threatened at knifepoint.

The recommended approach to remaining safe while driving is to remain cautious, use common sense, and educate yourself on techniques used by carjackers and what to do in a threatening situation. In any dangerous situation, you are going to fall into one of two categories: you will either have absolutely no idea what to do in order to protect yourself and your loved ones, or you will have some idea of what to do. Obviously, you want to have a good idea of what actions to take.

In order to form a plan of action, we must first understand some facts about carjacking crimes. According to a 9 year study by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, a weapon was used in nearly three-quarters (74%) of carjacking victimizations. Guns and knives were the most popular weapons chosen by thieves. Nearly one-third (32%) of victims of completed carjackings were injured.

A majority (68%) of carjacking incidents occurred at night (6 p.m. - 6 a.m.). 44% of carjacking incidents occurred in an open area, such as on the street or near public transportation and 24% occurred in parking lots or garages or near commercial places such as stores, gas stations, restaurants/bars, etc.

Some of the most common techniques employed by carjackers include:

1.) The Bump: The attacker bumps the victim's vehicle from behind. The victim gets out to assess the damage and exchange information. This is the tactic that was used to carjack the victims in Chatham.

2.) Good Samaritan: The attacker(s) stage what appears to be an accident. They may simulate an injury. The victim stops to assist, and the vehicle is taken.

3.) The Ruse: The vehicle behind the victim flashes its lights or the driver waves to get the victim's attention. The attacker tries to indicate that there is a problem with the victim's car. The victim pulls over and the vehicle is taken.

4.) The Trap: Carjackers use surveillance to follow the victim home. When the victim pulls into his or her driveway, the attacker pulls up behind and blocks the victim's car.

Awareness and avoidance are always the first steps in remaining safe, so let’s go over some common sense tips to reduce your risk of being carjacked:

- Drive with your doors locked and windows rolled up.

- When stopped in traffic, look for possible escape routes. Leave enough room between your vehicle and the car in front of you to maneuver easily enough to escape.

- When stopped at a red light, use your rear-view and side mirrors to monitor your surroundings. This makes it less likely for an attacker to surprise you.

- Always keep your cell phone close by and have emergency numbers pre-programmed.

- Be wary of panhandlers or people asking for directions and handing out flyers.

- If you are bumped in traffic, be suspicious of the accident. Contact the police immediately.

- Don’t pull over in any isolated area. Get the other drivers attention and motion to him to follow you, and drive to a gas station or busy parking lot before getting out.

- Be cautious of the Good Samaritan who offers to repair your car. It’s okay to get help, just be alert and cautious.

If all else fails and you find yourself confronted by an armed carjacker, do not resist! Give up your keys or money (if demanded) without resistance. Never argue, fight, or chase the carjacker. You can be seriously injured. In a vast majority of carjacking scenarios, the vehicle is the primary target. There is a good chance that the victim might not be harmed. However, if you cannot escape in your vehicle, it is imperative that you get out of the vehicle right away. Remember, non-confrontation is often the best response. The object is not to thwart the criminal, but to survive!

In the wake of a carjacking, get to a safe place and call the police immediately to report the crime and provide detailed information.

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